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Cheap Shots No. 1: Jon Huntsman Can Speak Mandarin (Alex Biles)

Former United States Ambassador to China and Utah governor, Jon Huntsman, officially declared his candidacyfor the Republican presidential nomination yesterday. While his formal announcement speech was criticized by Charles Krauthammer last night on FOX News’ Special Report with Bret Baier and his fiscal record today byClub for Growth, his Mandarin is pretty damn hard to scrutinize. Some short video evidence below: He … Continue reading

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Cheap Shots No. 2: TSA Meets Their Match (Alex Biles)

We have heard about the horror stories involving travelers and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees again and again. There’s also the new bureaucracy’s attempt to gain collective bargaining rights, which has infuriated many, including yours truly. But let’s be reasonable here. These are extreme anecdotes and hardly representative of the agency as a whole. I fly several times a year and … Continue reading

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Cheap Shots No. 3: China’s Apple Store Problem (Alex Biles)

Apple’s instantly recognizable logo is known for its trademark bite, but what about its stores? Some crafty entrepreneurs in China have made biting Apple their trademark with the opening of what appear to be Apple stores, or in some special cases, “stoers.” As reported in an excellent blog piece earlier today, a growing number of knockoff Apple stores, possibly … Continue reading