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Cheap Shots No. 12: Van Jones Has a Problem with Libertarians (Alex Biles)

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It’s pretty awesome when you’re about to write a piece berating government subsidies and a former pusherman for tax benefits on green industries makes a terrible fool out of himself at the same time. I believe the great 1980s philosopher Sting called it, “synchronicity.”

The Former Special Adviser on Green Jobs to President Obama, Jones lashed at out at libertarians this past weekend, blaming them for essentially all of America’s ills. I’ll assume that the “special” in his title ironically compliments his intellectual prowess rather than any deficit.

[Libertarians have] taken their despicable ideology and used it a wrecking ball, that they have painted red, white and blue, to smash down every good thing in America.

He starts out rather tame, but continues:

They say they’re patriots but they hate everybody in America who looks like us.  They say they love America but they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians, the people with piercings, ya know ya’ll… You can’t be an anti-immigrant bigot and a patriot at the same time.”

And Grover Norquist as their “great leader?” Seriously, Van, I dare you to walk into self-respecting institution of thought and say that with a straight face.

The general libertarian line wants to privatize marriage, or at least make gay marriage legal, while supporting free markets and open borders. To advocate the former, which Jones vehemently detests, one must be a defender of immigrant rights, as efficient markets require the free movement of capital and labor across borders.

There’s really nothing here to rebut from Jones’ vantage point, except for the fact that the most visible face of libertarianism, one Ron Paul, has flip-flopped or taken “convenient” positions on gay rights and immigration — mostly claiming that these decisions should be left to individual states rather than taking a personal view. Paul’s cloudy stances on these subjects are two of his most significant deviations from a classical liberal philosophy.


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