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A Classy(ish) Halloween (Erika Mayer)

It’s Halloween weekend and we all know what that means. Guys who live close to the frats on campus are congratulating themselves on a location well chosen. And while I might be endangering my life by saying this, I’ll bravely push forward and hope the entire college age male population doesn’t find out where I live and attack me.

Ladies  let’s try to keep some semblance of class. I’m not going to say that I don’t dress up for Halloween. And I’m definitely not going to say that it’s not necessarily an outfit that I would go visit my grandmother in. Any attempt to argue otherwise could be clearly exposed as a lie with a little Facebook stalking. I know, you’re in the prime of your life and I encourage you to show off your flat stomach and nice legs while you still have them. But at least wear a costume. This trend of wearing some form of lingerie and a tail/ears/wings/various hats does not pass as a Halloween costume. It just makes you kind of trashy. In the wise words of my mother  Erika, put your inner slut back on the inside.

I know, it’s the one day of the year (or rather, four day long weekend) that you can wear completely inappropriate outfits, add a small accessory and walk down the street without getting picked up for prostitution. But there are sexy ways to celebrate Halloween that involves clothing that was meant to leave the bedroom. It might require a little more creativity but I promise it’ll be fun. Just think of how much better the walk of shame will be in the morning.


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