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All Things Hunger (Colleen Ladd)

I wish I could describe to you in words how ecstatic I am about the movie, The Hunger Games.

Oh, wait… I can.

With the anticipated arrival of THG on March 23rd, 2012, (the day after my 21st birthday — **gives self high-five**) I find myself hunting on Pinterest, Google and YouTube anything and everything ‘HUNGER.’ When I pulled my own imaginary bow back and aimed, not only did I hit and watch the same trailer repeatedly (along with some seriously amateur fake trailers) but I also hit untargeted prey off the film’s soundtrack, a beautiful song by Taylor Swift entitled “Safe & Sound.” Upon listening to the song, I immediately envisioned moments of the book where the song fit. If you are a THG fan, you can be the judge and listen yourself!

Among other pelts, furs and hunted meat, I also found an excellent interview with Josh Hutcherson, who plays character Peeta Mellark. Hutcherson conveys a secure, yet humble, appearance with each questioned asked. With his word of staying true to the character and excitement on the pressures to do so for the fans, I have confidence in the character portrayal and have even more reason go to bed with a juvenile smile knowing every day is closer to March 23rd.

I know I am starting to sound like a complete freak, and maybe I am. But when J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series came out as movies and quickly flashed away before my eyes like a vanishing charm, I became hungry. And I wasn’t about to crack open a Twilight book and submit applications to a posse of 14-year-olds to fight over Team Jacob and Team Edward. No, it was far too late in the game. Instead, I opened up THG and found myself sharing the books between college upperclassmen who live vicariously through the young adult audience it was targeted for. I traded my wand in for a bow, my dress robes in for Mockingjay armor and Harry Potter for Katniss Everdeen.


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