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Celtics Lose Rondo Due to Foul Play (Amanda Borges)

NBA officials announced Monday that Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics is suspended for two games. Rondo threw a ball at a referee and hit him in the chest during Sunday’s game against Detroit. This suspension is active immediately and Rondo will miss the match ups between the Thunder and Mavericks.

Rondo’s lash of anger happened after a referee failed to call a foul. Rondo flung the ball at the ref, which earned him a double technical and automatic ejection. This point guard is no rookie when it comes to “foul play”. Rondo now holds the team record for technical fouls this season. With seven of these fouls, Rondo sits at the top of the list of players in the NBA with technicals.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers says he is disappointed that this happened. He says he understands that the game can get emotional but sometimes frustration is too much to handle during a stressful game. But, he assures fans that Rondo wishes he could take it back.


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