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Cheap Shots No. 4: Vice President Joe Biden Doesn’t Know Who Van Jones Is (Alex Biles)

While Joe Biden hasn’t shot anybody in the face lately, the 68-year-old has granted us a fair share of good ol’ vice presidential gaffes. Earlier this month, in a radio interview, he was asked about Van Jones, 9/11 truther and former “green jobs czar” for the Obama Administration. That is, a former member of the executive branch who was drafted by the president himself.  (Van Jones resigned in September 2009 after his views on 9/11 and Republicans were heavily scrutinized by members of the media, Glenn Beck in particular).

Not only does this White House memo indicate that Biden and Jones traveled together to Denver, Colorado in 2009 for a speech where the VP pledged to invest money in green jobs.

In his Denver speech, Biden enthusiastically praised Jones:

I met Van, who you’re going to see later, at the first one of these task forces I did in Philadelphia. And he was so impressive. Literally, I walked off the stage and said to my staff, “Why can’t I hire him?” And we did hire him.

Yet, when asked earlier this month about Van Jones and his support for the Occupy Wall Street protests, Biden seems to have never heard of the guy. He sounds most lost right before the 1-minute mark. Listen for yourself:

And here he is asking a state senator in a wheelchair to stand up:

A quick Google or YouTube search will yield plenty where that came from, including several clips of drunk Joe Biden. Enjoy.


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