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Cheap Shots No. 5: The Chronicles of Phoenix Jones (Alex Biles)

Once upon a time, stood a masked crusader who made it his merry mission to neutralize the various villains nagging his neighbors. We’re talking about Seattle’s Phoenix Jones, of course, real-life crime-fighting extraordinaire and de facto leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement. In McGruffian fashion, he has taken to the streets of his neighborhood to deter the naughty, leading to run-ins with thieves and drug dealers.

According to his Facebook page, Jones’ personal interests include “Fighting crime as well as raising awareness that anyone can report crime. If everyone were to report crime, there would be no crime.”

Source: Surian Soosay

While there are several Phoenix Jones videos out there, I’ve found three interviews that are simply too good to pass up. For your viewing pleasure, here is a January interview with Phoenix Jones and two other members of the Rain City crew, Red Dragon and Buster Doe:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

When he’s not fighting crime, Phoenix Jones hands out Taco Bell to the homeless. Yet, his line of work has not come without its share of risk. While he’s equipped with a bulletproof vest, stun baton, tear gas and handcuffs, Jones claims to have been stabbed with a knife after trying to intervene in a confrontation with a drug dealer, damaging his costume. Earlier this year, he had his nose broken trying to stop a fight, and in an isolated incident, was shot in his bulletproof vest while fighting crime in Tacoma.

To top it off, our superhero doesn’t just have to worry about himself. He has children at home, as well as a partner in crimefighting. Jones’ wife, Purple Reign, is listed as a member of the Rain City Superhero Movement.

Just last week, Jones appeared in court after investigation for allegedly assaulting  a group of people with pepper spray. He was arrested a few days earlier after a female told police that she and her friends were “attacked and pepper sprayed by a male in a Spiderman costume.” Following the ruckus, police also confiscated Jones’ costume, mask and two cans of pepper spray for evidence. Here’s some video of the conflict and Jones’ seemingly indisputable defense for his actions:

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After posting for bail and speaking to the media, our hero took off his mask, exposing his real identity: Benjamin Fodor, 23-year-old Seattle resident and “just like everyone else.” Fodor, who goes by Flattop in fighting circles, has an undefeated record in both amateur and professional mixed martial arts fights. In addition to demasking himself, Fodor announced to the press that he is training a replacement hero of his own, known only as Nightstick. Let’s finish up with my favorite clip of this ongoing saga, featuring Phoenix Jones revealing his true self to the world:


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