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Commuter North (Erika Mayer)

There are some things I like to do in the morning. Tidying up my inbox, eating a leisurely breakfast, hitting the snooze button — though not necessarily in that order. I even don’t mind washing the dishes and cleaning up my room, if I have to. You may have noticed that on the list is not ‘listen to someone detail their every thought to their mother on the phone on the bus ride to class’.

To be fair, I don’t really need to take the bus to class. It’s about a 20 minute walk, more than doable, but it’s uphill and I get both awkwardly cold (I do live in Michigan after all) and sweaty because I’m apparently unable to walk at less than a break-neck pace. So I find myself on the bus. When it’s not raining, it’s a generally agreeable ride. When it does rain, the bus is crammed at twice its capacity, full of damp coats and people poking each other with umbrella spokes. But I digress.

This particular morning I found myself sitting next to a girl who was complaining to her mother about her babysitter’s incompetence. Apparently the woman in question had failed to inform her that she would be unavailable one morning and the lovely lady sitting next to me almost had to miss class. I could tell you the minute details but since I love all three of my readers I won’t subject you to the boredom. Either way, her complaining lasted the entire ride, down to a discussion on the pros and cons of getting off at one stop versus the other.

Now I like to talk to my mom and sometimes we discuss things in detail. And I won’t pretend that listening in on our conversations is all that enjoyable for others. But I seriously try to not have them in places where others are trapped listening to me. It’s just inconsiderate. Especially before 10 a.m. So lady who was sitting next to me on the bus: It is irresponsible to not have a back-up babysitter if you are a mother and a student, you should have gotten off at the Union — not the bell tower — and please choose to have your personal conversations in your own personal space and not on the 9:45 Commuter North.


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