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Is Paterno’s Reign Really Ending? (Amanda Borges)

Amongst the gossip and smack talk regarding the alleged sexual mishaps and charges against Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky, there is a new topic of discussion concerning Head Coach Joe Paterno’s departure. Fans and reporters alike are questioning whether Paterno knew about Sandusky’s actions all this time. It seems, the questions are far from being answered.

The New York Times reported today that the board of trustees for Penn State has been discussing the issue of Paterno’s leave. It is being said that his departure may come suddenly or may not be for a couple more weeks, as nothing is certain. But one thing is for sure, the support for Paterno is slowly withering and the rumors are spiraling out of control.

One man who is trying to set the record straight is Paterno’s son, Scott Paterno. Scott told reporters that he knows his father is not stepping down and there have been not conversations involving such a topic. He also confirmed that his father will lead Penn State into Saturday’s game against Nebraska as planned.

Due to the scandal and swirling negativity, a news conference with Paterno was scheduled for Tuesday morning, but was cancelled at the last minute. Assistant athletic director Jeff Nelson to ESPN, “Due to ongoing legal circumstances centered around the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today’s press conference cannot be held and will not be rescheduled.”

Paterno has coached Penn State for 46 seasons and has led the team to many victories. Authorities say that the nationally known coach testified to a grand jury and was prepared to answer questions regarding the scandalous affair, but he is not, in any way, a target in this investigation.

This scandal is emotionally distressing to the Paterno family, the alleged victims and the entire Penn State alum and fan based community. The only question stemming from most people is, “why?” or “how?” could this happen? It is amazing how an entire team of football players, coaching staff and Penn State managers never said anything about this to authorities.

Determining who is at fault is not the public’s job. Right now, Penn State fans should be supporting their beloved Joe Paterno and hopefully, in the end, justice will be served.

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