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Knicks Celebrate the “Linsanity” (Amanda Borges)

The New York Knicks have been suffering from countless injuries and offensive difficulties all season. But there seems to be hope for the hopeless. Jeremy Lin has managed to surpass expectations and beat records held by some of the greatest NBA players.

Lin is providing the team with hope that was not there at the start of the season. It wasn’t until Tuesday that the point guard’s contract was guaranteed. Lin was cut by two teams after NBA officials announced the end of the lockout in December. The most surprising factor is that Lin was sitting in the fourth spot on the Knicks’ point guard list before Friday night’s game.

The success from this unlikely star has put Lin on the front page of many New York tabloids. This attention is well deserved since Lin has accomplished the impossible. He broke his personal record of 76 points and succeeded with 38 points and seven assists Friday night against the Lakers.

According to Knicks coaches, Lin was not supposed to play Friday night but they put him in the game due to their lack of other options. His exquisite performance earned him a spot in the starting lineup. That was when history was made. Lin responded to his promotion in an explosive way and managed to steal the record. He scored 89 points in this first three starts. Those points mark the most scored by a player in his first tree starts since 1976-77. Lin managed to surpass Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The impossible was made possible.

Lin’s success story proves that anyone can make history. He took advantage of the chance he was given and shocked the NBA world. Lin surprised everyone and it’s safe to say, he won’t stop anytime soon.


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