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Magic’s Howard Wants Out (Amanda Borges)

It was reported Saturday that Magic star Dwight Howard is back on the trading block. Howard has formally requested a trade the day after permission was given to a few NBA teams to speak with Howard’s agent. This Orlando star is available for trade starting in July 2012 due to his contract agreement.

Howard said that his decision to leave his beloved team goes deeper than what happens on the court. He said his feelings have been up and down about his decision but he can’t get over the pain he felt when the Lakers celebrated their NBA championship just two years ago on the Magic’s home court.

Despite his decision to leave Orlando, Howard wants all his fans to know just how much he really cares for his city. He said Orlando has been more than a place to play in, but more like home. Howard said he loves the people in Orlando and that is what is making his decision so difficult.

Otis Smith, general manager for the Magic, says things like this are expected, especially with great players such as Howard. Smith says he will remain focused on the Magic as a team sport and as an individual franchise. He wishes Howard would ultimately stay in Orlando but he realizes what could happen. For obvious reasons, Smith is willing to make decisions based on the best interest of the Magic.

So what does the future bring for the Magic’s prized possession? Rumors spread Friday that Howard reportedly met with Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov. The report claimed that Howard requested a trade to the Nets but sources eventually shot this claim down.

Howard’s move remains in question but one thing he wants to make clear — his decision to leave is very tough. He has played for the Magic since he was 18 and will always consider Orlando to be home.


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