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Mavericks’ Lamar Odom Says He Came Close to Quitting (Amanda Borges)

Lamar Odom revealed to reporters that he came very close to quitting his basketball career for a season, before he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. After a couple of accidents scarred him emotionally, Odom claims to have been “real close” to simply walking away from his days as a hoops star.

Odom’s cousin was murdered in July. Just as he was recovering from the family catastrophe, he was the passenger of a car that was involved in a fatal accident, killing a teenager. After this pair of emotionally draining tragedies, Odom was ready to call it quits. He says that his wife Khloe Kardashian was the one to convince him to stay in the game.

Odom says he felt he would not be mentally prepared to play or help the team. He considered taking a year off and took the NBA lockout as a possible sign that it was the right time to take some time for himself. Besides his wife, Odom’s family also played a role in inspiring him to stay in the game.

His timing to come clean about all this comes at a strange time. Odom is preparing for the Mavericks match-up against his old team — the Los Angeles Lakers — Monday night. This game may be coming at the worst time for Odom, since lately he has been struggling on the court. During the match-up with the Sacramento Kings, he totaled nine points and seven rebounds. Odom currently claims a career-low average of 19.8 minutes per game.

Ridding fans of any question of confidence in Odom as a player, the first-year Maverick says he is thankful to be playing for Dallas and he is confident that his hard work enable him to play like he used to.


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