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Post-College Rivalry Heats Up NFL Playing Field (Amanda Borges)

The Minnesota Vikings took on the Denver Broncos Sunday during a classic rivalry game. It was head-to-head as the University of Florida alum and oft-criticized quarterback, Tim Tebow, battled with former Florida State University star Christian Ponder. Lately, Tebow has been the talk of the town with his miraculous wins despite his low “pass and complete” percentage. Sunday, Tebow managed to do it again and actually succeeded in passing, completing and scoring for the Broncos. Against the Vikings, Tebow passed his best 202 yards and scored two touchdowns. This win against Minnesota marks the fifth consecutive win for the broncos.

As for the Vikings, Christian Ponder did everything except let his team down. It was the final field goal of the game that rallied the score to the final 35-32 win for the Broncos. But Ponder surely made a name for himself in this familiar rivalry match-up. He managed to set a rookie record for Minnesota with 381 passing yards and 2 touchdown completions to Percy Harvin. It was the thrown interception with less than 2 minutes left in the game that turned Ponder’s performance sour.

This win ties the Broncos for first place in the AFC West with the Oakland Raiders.


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