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Procrastination Station (Leslie Britton)

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It’s finals season and college students are locked up in libraries and sprawling across quads, cramming those bits of information that didn’t quite fit amongst the hangovers into their brains at every hour of every day. If you’re like me, at least half of that study time is devoted to distracting yourself — so glad I got a manicure so I could chip at all the polish while I stare at my calc notes! But if you’ve exhausted your usual procrastination sites and have no where to turn but back to the books… Tah Dah! You can thank me later.

Funny Blogs

  • WhiteWine, because it doesn’t get much better than first world problems
  • Suri’s Burn Book, a collection of judgements and observations from a five year old celebutante
  • Ghetto Hikes. Ghetto kids say the darndest things. On hikes.

Music Discovery

  • 8tracks.com lets you search for user playlists by artist or tag. From post-rock, to French and workout, there is a tag for just about every situation, genre, and mood.
  • YouTube-mp3.org converts YouTube links into free, downloadable mp3 files. Sorry, CISPA.
  • Freshnewtracks.com always has the latest electronic music available for free preview and download, and they’re not too shabby with hip hop and indie either.

YouTube Stations

  • Harvard Sailing Team is a sketch comedy group that shouldn’t be missed. I recommend Boys Will be Girls and Hipster Playlist.
  • If you can get past the toy dog and the fact that yes, this stripper makes more money than you, Jenna Marbles makes for a good laugh. Ladies will find How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to, and What Girls Think During Sex pretty amusing.
  • The various ways kids react to being pranked by their parents in the Hey Jimmy Kimmel I… videos on theJimmyKimmelLive channel range from anger to tears to back-talk and left me laughing so hard I cried with them.

Finally, I suggest you lobby your school to invest in Rent a Puppy day. Petting puppies has been shown to reduce stress, and judging by the air of sheer joy floating around campus today — and the amount of Instagram puppy photos I received — I would have to confirm the fact.


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