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Profane Language Expected to Cost Rex Ryan Hefty Fine (Amanda Borges)

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is expected to be fined for using profane language to a fan during halftime against the New England Patriots last Sunday. The NFL is supposedly fining the vulgar-voiced coach anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 for his misbehavior.

The facts of this case are still under review and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will not finalize his decision until the facts are straight. The exchange between Ryan and the fan is on video but does not show the fan’s face. Ryan yelled, “Shut the f— up!” after the fan criticized his coaching abilities and said that Belichick is better than him.

Ryan apologized Monday, following the game and the incident. His explanation was that the fan yelled at an emotional time during the game. He acknowledges his mistake and understands that he represents both the Jets and the NFL.  He admits that sometimes his competitiveness can get the best of him. Ryan told ESPN, “This is who I am. I’m about as a big a competitor as there is an, at that time, I was in no mood to hear anything, but I also understand I have to handle that better.”


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