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Romo Injury Update (Amanda Borges)

After suffering a bruised right hand against Philadelphia, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo still attended practice Wednesday. He assures reporters that he will play Sunday against the Giants.

Romo insists that his injury is improving day by day and he should be good to go come Sunday. Coach Jason Garrett seems to agree and told reporters that he seems functional and will able to get the job done. But, for back up, Stephen McGee has been practicing and is ready to step in should Romo need to be relieved.

Garrett admits it’s still early, but the team is hoping for the best. Romo wore a glove to stretch during practice and he told media the glove was to keep compression on the top of his swollen hand. He did not wear the glove to throw passes in practice.

This injury is nothing Romo is not able to handle. He played with a broken rib earlier this season and has had countless injuries throughout his career.

Romo’s teammates noticed that during any injury this quarterback endures, he does a good job of not allowing the pain or inconvenience get in the way of what needs to be done on the playing field.

Sunday, the Cowboys face the New York Giants to battle for the NFC East title and a spot in the playoffs.


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