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Son of Michael Jordan Quits UCF Basketball (Amanda Borges)

The UCF basketball team has been proud to boast the presence of Michael Jordan’s oldest son, Jeff Jordan until he recently decided to call it quits. Jordan announced Saturday night that he was leaving the team for “personal reasons” and did not further explain his decision to leave.

This decision may come as a surprise to many UCF Knights fans but Jordan did not travel to play at East Carolina Saturday night with the team.

Jordan transferred to Central Florida from Illinois after playing for three seasons. Due to the strict NCAA transfer rules, he was ordered to sit out for a season. This was his first season playing for UCF but he managed to play in 13 games and averaged 2.7 points.

It can be assumed that this leave has caused quite a disappointment to his all-star player father, Michael Jordan, but until we find out the real reason for this sudden announcement, nothing is for certain.


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