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Talking in Class (Erika Mayer)

There’s this group of freshman guys that sits behind me in one of my classes that just defies all reason. There’s no attendance policy in this class and the lecture is huge, so no one would ever notice if you weren’t there. But they come every class and sit directly behind me. And complain about the class the entire lecture. Everything from how the professor talks, to what she says, to how much time she spends on each example, to the examples she picks, everything is fair game to their criticism.

Meanwhile, I am (sort of) trying to learn. I’ll be the first to admit, the class isn’t all that interesting and sometimes the professor annoys me too. But their pretentious conversation about the class and every aspect of their lives drives me nuts. Their overwhelming pretention would be annoying even if I wasn’t trying to pay attention. In typical pre-business school fashion, they are convinced that they are smarter than the rest of the world and they want the world to know it. And maybe they are smarter than me, but they apparently have zero class or common sense. They don’t even pretend to lower their voices.

So one sleep deprived morning I turned around and asked them why they even both to come to class if they hate it so much. After a stunned silence, one guy says, “You have a point.” And for about ten minutes they were quiet.

They’ll probably still be there on Monday, for some inexplicable reason. But if you’re sitting in class complaining about how horrible it is, maybe you should think about the people sitting around you. Because they likely hate it too, and your complaining probably isn’t helping.


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