Colleen Ladd

Team Lawrence

Flickr Creative Commons // LunitaBere

Jennifer Lawrence makes the perfect match for the role of Katniss Everdeen in the most anticipated film of the year, The Hunger Games. As the second youngest actress to ever receive a nomination for Best Actress in her role as Ree in the indie film Winter’s Bone, one would most definitely agree that her credentials make her an excellent choice.

However, after watching Winter’s Bone on my Netflix account, it wasn’t just her effortlessly realistic acting, but rather the actual storyline and plot events itself that make her in perfect prep for THG.

The film is about a high school dropout, mountain-poverty stricken girl who takes care of her brother, sister and mentally ill mother while tracking down her drug dealing father in order to save their home from being taken by court order. And I thought I had problems…

All joking aside, the resemblance of the movies side by side make it the perfect precursor for the upcoming epic trilogy for various reasons.

1.    Mentally ill suffering mothers.

Lawrence’s theater moms both are incapable of taking care of their children and ultimately themselves, leaving Lawrence all the dirty work of being a mother and food provider. This coming Mother’s Day we could all salute to a deserving Lawrence and her character portrayals.

2.    Hunger.

Lawrence has an incredible taste for movies about hunger. In Winter’s Bone, she replaces her Hunger Gamesarrow with a gun to hunt squirrel and an array of other mountain-mystery meat. Countless scenes of desperation and famine, Winter’s Bone proves its bone-chilliness and stands as a true-to-life, present-day form of THG.

3.    Woman empowering roles.

Besides uncanny resemblances between the indie and anticipated films, Lawrence plays two very strong roles that empower the female gender for all different generations. Among unfortunate circumstances that I couldn’t even fathom in my nightmares, she remains a character of determination and strong will for the love of what remains to be the most important thing to date, family.

If you’re a THG fan and a Netflix owner, do yourself a favor and watch Winter’s Bone and you’ll immediately understand why Lawrence can put you at ease in the hopes that THG will be all it is hyped to be. While many readers of the THG Trilogy fight over Team Peeta and Team Gale, I’m one willing to go a little further and vouch for Team Lawrence — for her humbling roles and kickass girl-power attitude.


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