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The Fleet Foxes Drinking Game (Alex Biles)

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If you’re like me, you’re constantly interested in looking for new ways to get plastered (Fancy a Four Loko?). Luckily for you, I’ve devised the Fleet Foxes Drinking Game. It turns out lead singer Robin Pecknold’s fascination with Mother Nature coupled with an extremely limited vocabulary make for a hilarious listening experience.

This is a multi-player game (unless you want to die), where players gather in a group. It’s played by creating a chronological playlist of the Fleet Foxes’ discography to-date, featuring Sun Giant [EP], Fleet Foxes [LP] andHelplessness Blues. You memorize the cues below and take a specified number of drinks of your beer whenever you’re up. The game goes in a circle, so you’re not taking consecutive cues. Since there are a total of 217 cues, drinking should be enforced by the person who’s up as well as the group. Don’t let your bastard friends cheat you however, and be warned: Robin Pecknold will fuck you on many of these.

This game could be perceived as a twist on a double power-hour, except it requires attentive ears and lasts about 108 minutes instead of a full two hours. There’s 28 tracks and the drinking cues range from a couple on “He Doesn’t Know Why” or “Someone to Admire” to more than 20 drinking cues on “Blue Ridge Mountains” and “The Shrine / An Argument.”

The instrumental tracks (“Heard Them Stirring” and “The Cascades”) on each album are conveniently placed, offering you a break to collect your thoughts and use the pisser.

Any feedback on ways to improve the Fleet Foxes Drinking Game is welcome. Whenever Robin Pecknold mentions the following, drink!

One Drink

  • “Dawn,” “morning”
  • Any mammal/bird type or species (squirrel, hummingbird, Collie, etc.)
  • Invoking family members (brother, mother, son, etc.)
  • “Sun,” “sunshine”
  • “Ocean,” “oceanside,” “sea,” “coast,” “shore”
  • “Light,” “lights”
  • “Sleep,” “slept,” “dream”

Two Drinks

  • Any of the seasons
  • “Evening,” “night”
  • “Mountain,” “mountains” or “hills”
  • Plants, trees, fruits (pines, apples, etc.)
  • “Cold,” “frozen”
  • “Home,” “house”

Three Drinks

  • “Snow,” “snowed,” “snowflakes” or “snow-tipped”
  • “River,” “stream”

Chug the Rest of Your Beer Can

  • Any time Pecknold describes somebody by name (Oliver James, Evelyn, etc.)

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