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What Would You Ask an Abortion Protester? (John Roemhild)

I live in an apartment in downtown Minneapolis. Most of my classes are in the campus’s music building two blocks over. Coincidentally, there is a multi-business professional building right in between, at the top floor of which is an abortion clinic. Why Meadowbrook decided to start their abortion clinic right next to a Christian university, I’m not really sure. North Central had been around for 43 years already at their founding in 1973, but considering we’re both still here today, I guess everything worked out.

And the funny thing about abortion clinics is that they’re a good place to find abortion protesters. So, along with passing the professional building every day, I also pass this scene: a car parked on the street with blown up posters leaned against the side — one about how dangerous abortions are, one with a grueling picture of aborted fetuses. Then there is one of two people bundled up in a heavy coat with a bag full of fliers, standing near the entrance to the ramp and offering them to incoming cars, usually to be rejected.

I didn’t think this was that strange at first, but after a while, I was intrigued by the protesters’ diligence. The same two people, a man and woman, have been taking shifts standing by the parking ramp every single day since my freshman year, even in Minnesota’s most brutal winter storms — even on those days when the wind makes you cry and the cold freezes your tears into tearsicles on your face.

So naturally, when she offered me a brochure one day, I had to ask her for an interview. She seemed nice, but a little wary as to what the interview was for. I told her it was just for online readership of all religious and political views, and that I didn’t have an agenda. At least, I don’t think I do. I certainly have my thoughts on the abortion issue, but my opinions are still forming.

Either way, I want this piece to save other people some trouble and give them a shot to ask some questions of their own. Two heads are better than one, and three are better than two. I have some questions, but I want your guys’ questions too. My first question of this whole piece is to anyone reading this article right now.

What would you like to ask an avid abortion protester?

You can either write your questions in the comments below or send them to me privately

Background information on Meadowbrook Abortion Clinic can be found at

Background information on Pro Life Action Ministries can be found at

Thanks for your input!


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