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With Alarming Advice Comes Alarming Questions (Colleen Ladd)

In a recent article from the New York Daily NewsJean Chatzky reports that the student loan debt reached $100 billion mark for the first time in history.

While watching a YouTube documentary on the flaws of government loans within the higher education school system, I decided I wanted to report on the shocking statistics and manipulations of our preconceived notions of a “college education.” Quickly, I found out that Alex Biles, co-founder of NSU, had already commented on those alarming figures, elaborating on the hypothetical scenario of government reducing their role in the student loan industry.

Since this seems to be a popular topic, I decided to tackle it differently. While watching the documentary, I researched the website that had created it, National Inflation Association (NIA). The NIA is dedicated to distributing the facts that the media does not report and prepares its subscribers for their predicted “hyperinflation.” The NIA offers tons of blog submissions, articles and videos via YouTube in theme with their mission.

I’m not the most aware person in situations with the government, but in a society like this, who is? Instead of accepting this, I press to ask questions. So, I decided to write the editor of NIA with my troubling questions. My letter went something like this:

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Colleen Ladd. I am a college student at the University of Central Florida, currently in my junior year. Recently, I watched your College Conspiracy YouTube Documentary and was left truly astounded. It left me with many questions. Questions that made me doubt my government and the mind games they seem to play. While taking in all of your information on student loan debt, it left me with one very large question: If this is going on within the higher education school systems, what do I do as a junior in college?

I know the NIA is not an organization that gives out education advice or alludes to any forcible thoughts on its audience but I would genuinely like to know the advice you would give. Do I continue to get a paper degree that will virtually mean nothing? Do I continue on to get my Master’s Degree to try and stand out among the mediocrity? Are there reputable employers out there (besides places of customer service and hard labor) who would even hire someone without a college experience at all? If college is indeed a scam despite the fact that companies and places of work seek credible employees with a degree, wouldn’t it mean that students would just have to bite the bullet and continue higher education to gain any recognition?

I understand that the use of government loans within college education causes college tuition to increase, but what’s the step to stop it all? I am not even aware if there are any candidates running today that support the premise that you convey in your documentary? Maybe I have too many questions, but maybe it’s the start of something constructive in my life. All I know is, I am hungry for answers.



Colleen Ladd

I’m very interested to see what words of enlightenment they may or may not offer. While I twiddle my thumbs and type with the other digits, I’ll wait patiently and report on the results upon arrival.


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