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Cheap Shots No. 7: Oscar Ramiro Ortega, Indestructable Assassin? (Paul Notice)

Around 11:15am, NPR correspondent Mark Memmot reported an escalation in the manhunt for a 21-year-old by the name of Oscar Ramiro Ortega in the D.C. area. Authorities suspect Ortega to be responsible for shots fired around 9:30pm at the White House. Bullets were found on the grounds outside the building, but nothing was able to penetrate the glass. Authorities … Continue reading

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Cheap Shots No. 8: So You Want to Run for President? (Leslie Britton)

If you’ve ever dreamed of running for president, I hope you have your crazy pants ready. With the riveting South Carolina primary quickly approaching, and another wackjob legitimate candidate out of the race, it is quite necessary to take a break from the patriotic rhetoric and take a look at the lengthy qualifications and hard line stances … Continue reading

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Cheap Shots No. 11: Justin Bieber Gifted a $100,000 Luxury Electric Car for 18th Birthday (E.Y. Lee)

Flickr Creative Commons // Fisker Auto After I made the egregious mistake of crawling out underneath my rock, I learned that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was recently gifted a 2012 Fisker Karma, a luxury electric vehicle worth approximately $100,000, for his eighteenth birthday earlier this month. Scott “Scooter” Braun, his manager, surprised him with the extravagant gift … Continue reading