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A Dictionary of the Modern Idiot Language (Colleen Ladd)

Flickr Creative Commons // Horia Varlan I am a Creative Writing major. In my English Literature class, we were assigned to read Samuel Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language. While reading the passage in the text and simultaneously thanking God for it not being the entire dictionary, I noticed that Johnson gave the denotative definition … Continue reading

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Facebook and Finals Week: A Dissipation Proclamation (Colleen Ladd)

It’s finals week. A time for overloading tweets, Facebook statuses and excessive mobile uploads with college students’ pets posing mid-action around his or her overpriced textbooks. I don’t know if you notice it, but I’m starting to see a #trend. According to Nielson, Americans spent a total of 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook in May 2011. … Continue reading

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Team Lawrence

Flickr Creative Commons // LunitaBere Jennifer Lawrence makes the perfect match for the role of Katniss Everdeen in the most anticipated film of the year, The Hunger Games. As the second youngest actress to ever receive a nomination for Best Actress in her role as Ree in the indie film Winter’s Bone, one would most definitely agree … Continue reading